Shakespeare’s Eve

Today is devoting solely to packing and getting things ready for the lock trek overseas to London. Unfortunately, up to this point I have been procrastinating on this process, but I love to pack (I just hate unpacking once I arrive). Today I re-read all of the information that I received from CAPA, the international educational organization that is sponsoring this trip. My favorite rule on the Code of Conduct section is “Barbecues are prohibited in CAPA housing.” I was really saddened by reading this rule, but now it means that I don’t have to pack my grill anymore and can use that extra room! šŸ˜‰

For those of you that are looking for some information on this trip: the trip is a Maymester course meaning that the dates are 5/14-6/4 and will take place in residence of London, England. Each day (Monday-Thursday) we will hold class together to discuss a specific Shakespeare play. There are five plays total (As You Like it, All’s Well That End’s Well, Much Ado About Nothing, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth) and there is homework delegated for each play. Some of the course also discusses art, and we will be looking at how art also contributes to the study of London culture/history and how it all ties into the history of William Shakespeare.

I’m starting to get really excited, and I recently finished my homework for As You Like It. It also helped that CSU recently did a production of AYLI and I could read it really fast and still pick up on themes and whatnot. I am especially excited to just get the hell out of Columbus to be honest. I don’t go home that often, so I get couped up in this town for quite a while and it gets old sometimes. It will be very emotional (as it already has been) to leave these people here for this amount of time. I see my peers everyday and to spend one day without seeing any of them (other than the ones accompanying me to England) is going to be a change.

For those wishing to contact me or just for your own information, my address is as follows:

Flat 13
Johnson House
Ebury Street
London, England

I am hopefully going to buy some postcards upon my arrival and send them out as soon as possible so that they have enough time to make it to the states. What I am most excited for on this trip, aside from the educational opportunities, is seeing Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Cast and the other shows that are playing in London at the time. There is also talk of a European reunion with my best friend Brittany Biddy ( who is studying abroad right now at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Other things I am looking forward to include visiting English pubs, sightseeing, and maybe even traveling to Ireland or Amsterdam with some friends. There was also a rumor of taking a day trip to Disney Paris.

As for now, I’m signing off to get back to packing – but I look forward to updating everyone frequently on what is going on across the lake. Subscribe to this blog and receive email updates!


About Justin Stevens

Justin here. I am a rising fourth-year double major in Acting (BFA) and Music (BA) at Columbus State University. For three weeks I will be living in and traveling around London, England while studying five plays by William Shakespeare and indulging in British culture. This blog was created for both pleasure and the satisfaction of a tiny requirement of the CSU Honors Program :) Stay tuned for many stories of late nights, awesome shows, weird encounters, and life-changing experiences with my crew from the Columbus State Theatre Department. View all posts by Justin Stevens

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